6 thoughts on “My Mail is Late Again.

    1. Lol that’s a good point! I ordered a planner 2 weeks ago and for some reason Fed Ex took it to the postal service in my town and it’s been sitting there for 9 days waiting to be delivered. Haha. I didn’t realize how quickly my life falls apart without an agenda!

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      1. After the 4-8 day “window” the planner company said their products were delivered in, I emailed them and they overnighted on immediately. So now I might get 2. Lol. Maybe try contacting the company if it takes absurdly long. All depends on how much they care about retaining customers though I suppose.

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      2. Damn. These must be amazing planners if they’re worth all of the hassle and time to jump through so many hoops! The planner I got last year was great but Costco doesn’t have it this year, which makes me sad.

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  1. Oh yeah! This planner changed my life, lol. I wrote about it before but all of those posts are gone. It’s called the Full Focus Planner. It’s pricey for a planner but to me it’s worth it. I’ve tried to explore and try other planners in the meantime but they’re never as good.


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