It’s Surprisingly Hard to Volunteer

Hospitals are all stretched thin, I’m told, but I have applied to volunteer at three different ones now and haven’t gotten a call from any of them. Perhaps the people responsible for calling applicants have COVID.

3 thoughts on “It’s Surprisingly Hard to Volunteer

  1. I’m not sure how comfortable they are with having volunteers there at this point, but it was good of you to offer.
    One thing that’s definitely accepted these days is blood donations. When I go on line to make an appointment, I see a lot of days are booked up! And if you’ve recovered from Covid, your blood may help more than ever. Plasma with the antibodies is especially appreciated.

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  2. Oh that’s such a shame 😔 Have you considered volunteering anywhere else? I’m sure there’s lots of places that would be grateful for an extra pair of hands right now 🙂 Hope you find something 🤞🏼

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