Adderall Thoughts I

When people see me reading a book, more often than not a science or technical book, they ask if it’s for “school” (which school would require the reading of 12 Rules for Life, I am unsure). I agree, consciously I thought out of ease, but it occurred to me that I’m shying away from embarrassment I feel for being “caught reading”. Why? Does one need to be in college to read anything other than a Dan Patterson novel? (I’ve never read a Dan Patterson novel. They could be quite good, I only offer them as pulp trash due to the opinions of others).

Lately I’ve been able to finally feel a sense of gratitude for the challenges I face at work and in my personal life. Less so in school because I still feel stupid and unworthy whenever I don’t get something correct on my first attempt, but I’m working on that. Still, this is a radical change in my attitude. I now see life’s problems as opportunities to practice being the kind of man I wish to become. Every time something outrageous and childish happens at work I think “this is the perfect opportunity for me to practice not engaging in gossip or drama”… and it works! I feel a lot better about myself at the end of the day.

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