2020 Was Not the Worst Year in History

Neither was 2016.

Or 2008.

I truly hate the phenomenon in which every year, all news and social media content has to point out how horrible the year has been. If all you can focus on is the negative aspects of the last 365 days, the events of the year aren’t the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 wasn’t the best year of my life but it was one of the better ones. I understand I’m not one of the millions of people who lost their jobs either temporarily or permanently. I didn’t lose a business or have to drop out of school (or even change my academic plan whatsoever although I did willingly). Even then… if that stuff did happen, it happened. Bitching about it is not a replacement for reflection and action. That attitude is why so many people who get hit with these situations have no savings or plan to fall back on. Sure, we can talk about how they’re victims of circumstance or society, but give me a break. You can’t complain about how horrible your life is for 20 years and expect it to get better.