Online Dating II: Am I the Only Single Person Over 30 Who Isn’t Crazy?

Obvious sarcasm aside, I’ve met a population sample of Michigan’s most broken women over the last week and it’s been at least entertaining. Since I’m far less serious about online dating than I’ve been in the past, I’m able to sit back and watch the show more instead of falling into lamentations such as “oh my word I’m always going to be alone there’s no hope maybe I should die!” . Partially this is because I am actually beginning to enjoy the idea of staying single more and more with each dating trial.

I’m no frog prince, let me tell you. I’m judgmental, self-centered to a fault, and the idea of driving more than five minutes to meet a woman isn’t even remotely energizing unless she is a Brazilian supermodel (random choice, I actually prefer Lebanese women, lol). But it’s taken me 10 years to deal with most of my faults and get them to where I am able to succeed in college, at work, and with friends. I don’t really want to take on the problems of these crazy bitches who seemingly haven’t had a moment of self-reflection in their entire lives (there’s the judgmental part).

I don’t have any funny examples of tragic communiques between myself and the divorcees of Macomb County, mainly because they’re all so tragically similar. On the rare chance that I do get along with someone socially, they’re either completely unattractive or can’t get over the fact that I don’t drink (which I always find puzzling and think that if someone’s sobriety bothers you that much you should probably take a hard look at your habits). I do have the account for a few more months so I’m going to search long and hard for someone humorous to write about. It’s been rare that I’ve made it past a few back-and-forth messages before I say “well, good luck in your search!” and block them.

10 thoughts on “Online Dating II: Am I the Only Single Person Over 30 Who Isn’t Crazy?

  1. Then why not stay single? The only person making you go out there and find a partner is you. You don’t have to follow societal norms if you don’t want to and some people are actually happier being single. Trust me, a partner isn’t going to make you feel fulfilled or solve your deepest problems. Society places so much emphasis on finding a partner and living happily ever after. Going on 5-years of marriage, all I can say is that these fairytales are a bunch of hyperinflated BS. And yet, I wouldn’t trade marriage for the world. To each their own. 😅

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      1. Yeah, I said that flippantly and after being somewhat annoyed by the app turnout. I would like to find “the love of my life” some day, but that’s not going to happen on the internet.

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      2. You’ve put it in your head that it’s not going to happen. Right there, you’re dismissing that finding true love online could ever happen. The mind is very powerful and often shapes our reality into how we perceive the world around us. Sorry if I am sounding harsh, but it’s meant to be constructive.

        I met “the love of my life” on the internet – but you say it’s not possible. I met him within 2 weeks of making a dating profile, so I know it is possible. I am not saying it is easy by any means and acknowledge that my case is quite rare. However, it can happen. There is still hope.

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      3. I wasn’t saying it can’t happen for anyone and in the past I certainly did meet some amazing women on dating apps. Perhaps my third online dating post will clarify what I’m trying to say. I’m not being depressed or making some fantastical claim like “I’m unlovable” lol. I’m going into my third week of having this app and almost every woman who has reached out to me is someone I would never in a million years go on a date with. Again, I’m not saying there are no good people out there but the combination of my age, where I live (basically the worst county in Michigan), and my own baggage (alcoholism) does put up some barriers.


  2. I think online dating is kind of like shopping at a thrift store. There might be an awesome pair of jeans that fits like a charm, but to find them, you have to climb through piles of denim overalls from the ’90s, acid wash from the ’80s, bellbottoms, and mom jeans that made a comeback for some reason. It’s great if you find the perfect jeans, but it’s a whole lotta crap to wade through.

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  3. It’s good that at the end of the day you can laugh about it and think, “At least I can blog about this.”

    Also, nice job on recognizing your faults as I think most people disregard that part of personal growth. And I mean in a realistic way, not that self-deprecating way that some gripe about faults that they really don’t have. Sometimes at the end of the day I sit back and think, “Am I the asshole? I’m kind of a jerk sometimes.” Like you said, get comfortable with yourself and do your best to move forward with your faults.

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  4. Some of the happiest couples I know are the ones who had accepted where they were, were focused on God, and weren’t even looking for someone. You might say, “but it was meant to be,” but (you know me) I – and they – say that God brought them together.


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