Get Ill + Life Post

I am pretty sure I have shingles. 99.9% sure. But the doctor’s office is closed on Sundays so I have to wait until tomorrow to find out for certain. It started Friday… I started getting nerve pain in my arm (technically all pain is nerve pain but you know what I mean) and that evening a red spot started forming on my chest. Now, Sunday, there’s a rather painful rash down my back and my lung hurts on that side of my body. I also was very nauseous Friday night and dry heaved twice but managed to swallow it down like a fucking champ.

It’s not too miserable yet. It’s a constant dull pain with an occasional stabbing pain in my right side, and it itches a little bit but honestly I’d rather have pain than an itch (probably why I like women who kick me in the balls… I jest).

Other than that it’s been a good week. I got back on track with my planner and knocked out a lot of my classwork early. It’s due tomorrow and I have a bit more to finish up but not nearly as much as I have had on my last couple projects. I outlined the whole thing so really all I have to do is ramble for a few pages and fake some sources. I’d be a great CNN reporter.

As I mentioned in my last personal post, I ordered a VR headset and it arrived Friday. I’ve messed with it a little bit but I haven’t been in the mood to dive in thanks to the shingles. Did you know shingles is named so because it’s a Latin (I think) word for girdle and they usually present in a circumference around your waist? Now you do. Still, I tried out a few VR games and some free content. Unfortunately Oculus doesn’t come with much out of the box so you have to spend some money to get a full experience. I picked up The Walking Dead game which is said to be one of the better ones on the platform and it was indeed mind blowing. Even though you know it’s not real, your brain can’t tell and once I let my guard down and was immersed, I found myself ducking and trying to hide behind objects (which fortunately actually works). You need a pretty big empty room to really take advantage of it but even with the 3×3 area I was playing in, it worked.

The second thing I tried was a VR fitness program which was also awesome and I can actually see myself making a habit out of it. It feels like your instructor is really in the room with you and the activities are fun and you don’t feel like you’re working out even though I was just as sore the next day as when I go to the gym. Basically it sends black and white orbs at you in time with a beat and you have to hit them with two bats of corresponding colors (or lack of color I suppose). You can only hit white orbs with the white bat and so on. Then big triangle shapes come at you and you have to squat or lunge under them and they really do make you squat quite a bit. That’s where most of my soreness came from, I’m sure. I started off with the beginner stuff which was really easy and then just for kicks I tried one of the “hard” courses and I didn’t even have time to notice what color an orb was before it passed me. That’ll take some practice.

3 thoughts on “Get Ill + Life Post

  1. I’d love to get into VR but am terrified of the cost and I don’t even think we have a system that can do much with VR. My laptop doesn’t qualify me for ‘PC masterrace’ status and the PS4 is not a PS5, not that I’ve looked into it much. I do have a crappy Google cardboard which can turn my phone into a poor-man’s VR headset, and although this makes VR anything stupidly pixelated it get’s the point across.

    I recently watched a few VR roller coaster videos on YouTube and get what you mean about your brain being fooled anyways. After a few minutes I was sick from the disconnect between my eyes (we’re on a rollercoaster flying all over the place!) and my inner ear (we’re just sitting on a couch…). I can’t wait for VR to become a mature gameplay experience.

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    1. The oculus quest is “affordable” for a VR system. I think mine was $400 which is what I’d expect to pay for a game console. I wish I’d done a bit more research first though because I definitely would have saved up to get a valve index or HTC vive. The oculus is fun but it’s game offerings are lackluster and since it doesn’t require a PC or game console to run, it is graphically pretty mediocre. Some games can use this to their advantage and come up with some interesting art styles but it couldn’t run some of the cooler games I was interested in. Fortunately there’s a (sold separately) link cable that you can use to play steam VR games using your PC video card.


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