Returning to Some Semblance of Normalcy

None of us should desire to “return to normal” because, if I can say one positive thing about the last year and a half, it did snap us out of our mindless routines. Unfortunately it created some new, much unhealthier, mindless routines in my case. So it deserves some celebration that I learned today I’ll be going back to work almost full-time in June. I’ll be working three full days a week instead of 5 half-days which will be much healthier for me. Getting home at lunch and finishing my work at the same computer I game at has created some horrible habits and my routine has fallen apart.

My planner has been less of an agenda and more of a catalog of my failures for the past year. Sure, overall I’m doing fine, but there are pages upon pages of goals I didn’t hit and tasks I didn’t finish. May will wrap up my second quarter which is a month earlier than the real second quarter because the first time I ordered a planner it wasn’t at the right date. I might will use one of the empty months from one of my particularly bad planners to finish June and start the third quarter with a fresh planner to get on track. I’m going to take the time to set this one up properly. The yearly and quarterly goals for the last several quarters have been automatic and without much forethought. I wrote out my “perfect life” routines instead of routines that I will actually do which is a sure fire way to feel like crap first thing every morning.

I read recently that when trying to change your habits you should start extremely small with things you know you will do and then increase them daily. It’s not new advice but was a good refresher and I’ve incorporated that into a few habits. In just two very fast weeks I’ve managed to cut down on the amount of waste I create by over 50%. This is a habit I’ve always wanted to adopt, but never got started. The trick to managing waste that a lot of people don’t consider is that you also have to take into account the energy and waste involved in creating the product. There are plenty of “sustainable” products out there which are just “green gimmicks”, advertising that they’re made from recycled products but the very act of making something out of recycled products which can never be recycled again is wasteful if it’s not something you even need (which I’ve found is often the case).

By proxy, I’ve also been eating more of a plant based diet because you simply can’t buy meat in my area without having it wrapped in plastic. There are butchers somewhere out there which will either wrap them in paper or put them in your own container but I don’t know where they are yet. Paper wrapping doesn’t work for me because you can’t recycle paper which was used to store food. Plus I don’t really trust municipal recycling plans; in my experience it all ends up in a landfill anyway. Are you telling me minimum wage average-human-beings are actually sorting out recyclables and routing them properly? I think not. I can’t even get average-human-beings to give me the right order at Taco Bell.

I strive to not become one of those environmentalist nutjobs who takes all of this to an unhealthy obsession but if I’m going to do it I have to at least do the basics 100%.

6 thoughts on “Returning to Some Semblance of Normalcy

  1. “I can’t even get average-human-beings to give me the right order at Taco Bell.” LOL 😂

    Omg how true is that?! The other day I was thinking the same thing! How every time I go to a fast food place or coffee shop and my order is different every time. It’s not consistent at all. I ordered steeped tea 2 days in a row at the same place – seems pretty simple. First order came back cold. Second order was too sweet. I don’t return my orders unless it’s clearly wrong, like how they sometimes give me coffee instead of steeped tea 😒

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    1. Bad systems are usually at fault. Someone who doesn’t work there thought up a “brilliant” way for them to do their jobs and it ended up making it more difficult and confusing. I worked at fast food restaurants as a kid and we messed up orders regularly because it was just a disorganized shit show haha. Give people a good plan and they can succeed.

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      1. The coffee shop I mentioned… I worked at 3 different Tim Hortons locations. Now Burger King owns it and from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s really gone downhill.

        I’ve messed up orders before but usually because the customer doesn’t know how to order it properly or they make the order too complicated, or we were short-staffed. I’m at fault for messing up the orders but I definitely think these factors contributed to that. I agree that people can follow plans. There’s this entrepreneur guy I listen to on podcasts and he says that most ppl are capable of following a good plan.

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      2. I agree with that entrepreneur. We aren’t as organized and focused as we often think we are so the best systems are the ones that account for this without feeling oppressive. It’s a hard balance to make and most who try end up being oppressive.

        Burger King kills everything it touches. Haha. I worked there in high school and worked at McDonald’s right after. It was a night and day difference. McDonald’s isn’t the shining example of great workplaces or anything but it felt like a real job whereas Burger King was a bunch of single moms who worked at the trailer park down the street all having sex with each other’s husbands (not a stereotype this was actually my workplace).


  2. Apparently the whole plastic recycling thing is a farce. Only a couple of different kinds are recycled in most places, and one kind has never been recyclable anywhere. So much for feeling good about recycling…

    My city does curbside compost pickup, and I stick pizza boxes and that kind of thing in the compost.

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    1. Yeah, most of stuff can only be recycled a certain number of times. Even the stuff that seems like it should be reusable forever like plant fiber. Guess you can only mulch toilet paper so many times before you can’t reconstitute it into anything solid anymore haha.

      I’m building a compost bin in the backyard because we garden and have a lot of unused space. Still in the “research” phase though. I want it to look nice, at least.

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