Back to 71.4286% of Normal Life

Living life pre-COVID on 5 out of 7 days of the week. That’s three days in the office full time, two days working from home, and the weekends haven’t changed. This is my second day working a full day in the office with other people and it only took me this long to remember why I wanted to quit so badly prior to shutdown. All of the toxic bitching has returned; I have to have inane conversations about the weekend (wow, Sally, you watched TV and ate too much food again. You are really unpredictable), and our new codependent trainee is a carbon copy of our last codependent trainee… telling me when she needs to go to the bathroom, talking about her alcoholic offspring, etc. To make matters worse, I left my AirPods at home.

That’s just the negative side though; it’s no surprise I don’t enjoy being around chaff. It’s an in-your-face reminder that I squandered my 20’s and 30’s. But being stuck here with essentially no work to do, I’m easing back into a good routine of getting my studies and homework done far ahead of schedule. I may even start bringing a keyboard to work to practice piano.

Funny as it may sound, that brings up a pleasant note about this type of “adult” work. In my previous lives working restaurants and retail, you always had to find busy work lest your boss find something even more mind-numbing for you to do. That’s not an issue here. When you don’t have anything to do, you don’t have anything to do. Your boss can’t give you extra work because that would encroach on someone else’s job classification and that’s a big no-no in union-world. As a consequence, my supervisor can walk by and roll her eyes as she sees me watching Netflix and writing an essay, but there’s nothing she can do about it because I’m still far better at my job than literally anyone else in this entire county (that used to be a sarcastic thing I said but now I fully believe it).

By getting homework done at work, I have a lot more free time after work. It’s been nice, and as I said it’s only been two days (although I worked from home Monday and Tuesday, I was reinvigorated by knowing I would be in full time the rest of the week so I was very proactive those days as well). With more time to fill, I’ve started practicing piano and drumming again. I purchased a paddle board (don’t worry it’s just an inflatable one, not a $1600 epoxy board) and will probably go to the beach most days after work because it’s nearby. I might get a tan for the first time in my life1!

Many of the bad habits I’ve developed during lockdown have evaporated already. I haven’t ordered delivery since last week because I’ve been meal prepping again. I’ve drastically cut down on my caffeine consumption, although that is partially because I’m trying to waste less and use no plastic whenever possible. I also read about the half-life of caffeine so I try to stop drinking it by noon so that I can sleep and so far that change has done wonders for my energy and mood.

Slowly, the habit of writing every day is returning. I’m still not very motivated but getting things done rarely requires or even involves motivation. I need to rebuild the habit of doing this every day, even if I don’t post something. I’d like to write in a more narrative style instead of these disconnected paragraphs on things I love and hate (mostly hate, right?). That will be something to learn as it doesn’t come naturally to me at all.

1 As a life-long computer nerd, I have flawless skin in comparison to the basic bitches I associate with who have been using tanning beds for 30 years. I can afford sun damage for the remainder of my life.