20 Fall Questions

This is a faux nomination from Hilary at Serenaluna. It’s been over a year since I did one of these lil’ questionnaires and I feel it’ll help me get back into the swing of things. I’m even going to format it the way Hilary did because I’ve always been envious of her style.

Right now I’m working on a somewhat long series of blog posts and I don’t want to publish any of them until I have them all done because I know myself and if I start publishing them I’ll lose interest in finishing them all! In the interim, I’d like to start doing more casual things again but I can’t say how long it’ll be before I swing back into my “everything must be serious forever” mood.

1. What is your favorite fall drink? Fall is coincidentally the only season I have a specific drink in… and I’m ashamed to say it’s the Caramel Apple Spice latte at Starbucks. It’s basically a cup of sugar with a splash of caffeine. Don’t judge me.

2. What’s one thing you love about fall? I get to wear all of the fancy coats and jackets that I own! Winter coats are never very stylish for men so fall and early spring are the only times we get to look like the high class gentlemen on TV law dramas.

3. What’s one thing you don’t like about fall? Given the amount of antidepressants and ADD medications I’m on, it’s hard for me to think of things I don’t like because everything is fantastic all the time. I live in the Midwest, though, and autumn is very grey here once the last of the leaves have fallen. I don’t really believe in seasonal depression, but it certainly doesn’t make me feel great.

4. Are you a pumpkin spice fan? I don’t like anything pumpkin! Well, I suppose I shouldn’t say “don’t like” because I’ll eat/drink it and pumpkin spice is really just mace and allspice. I don’t go out of my way to eat pumpkin pie or drink pumpkin spice drinks, though. Humorously, every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas my family forces me to make a sweet potato pie they swear is amazing. It uses the same spice and I have never eaten a single slice over the last ten years.

5. What’s your favorite fall scented candle? Hilary said she doesn’t buy candles and I’m kind of with her there. I have one unscented candle that I bought so that I could read in bed at night (don’t worry I’m not putting a candle in my bed like a madman, I have a shelf behind me) but it didn’t work. I don’t know what a fall scent is, actually. Dead Leaves? Squirrel Burrow? Windshield Washer Fluid?

6. Where do you buy your fall candles? Okay this is starting to remind me that men are a minority on WordPress.

7. What’s your go-to fall beauty product? Ditto. Lmao! The only beauty product I use is an “eye balm” that makes me look less like I’ve been on heroin for the last 40 years. My family just genetically has horrible bags under our eyes no matter how much water we drink or how much sleep we get.

8. Your favorite fall accessory? I have a very fancy button up cardigan with a huge neck-sheath (I don’t know what else to call it) that looks out of place in any other season.

9. What’s your typical fall outfit look like? Since I work in an office and have no personal life outside of that, my outfits aren’t seasonal aside from my jackets and coats. I’ve endeavored to be more color-conscious by season in the past but I never find anything that I think looks good. Clothes are hard.

10. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Apple fo sho. Cherry, if the question was open, but I’ll eat apple over pumpkin.

11. What’s your favorite Halloween/scary movie? I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a horror movie fanatic so this is a borderline cruel question for somebody to ask me. The movie I’ve seen recently(ish) that has always stuck out in my head as jaw-droppingly perfect is Midsommar. Gore and jump scares do nothing to me; I prefer the kind of dread that builds slowly from awkwardness to terror.

12. Do you have a fall tradition? It’s not a long tradition because it’s only been a few years but I make a fall centerpiece for the dining room. I’m not sure why I don’t do it for any other season… it just seems easier in the fall to think of decorations.

13. What’s your favorite fall food? Autumn does have the best selection of food, in my opinion. Squash, gourds, mushrooms, all that good stuff. If you could throw all of that into a bowl and bake it with some pork or chicken I’d be alright with it.

14. What are your plans for Halloween? Kids in my area don’t even trick or treat anymore so nothing, really.

This has nothing to do with anything.

15. Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween? Nope! (lol didn’t even have to change this answer from Hilary’s).

16. What’s one thing you’re grateful for? So much. If I had to pick one right now it’d be my mother. I’ve given her lots of shit on this blog in the past and is one of the reasons I purge my posts occasionally (god forbid I die and she finds horrible things I wrote about her). She’s not perfect; who is? But she put up with my alcoholic bullshit for over a decade and I always had a place to live and food to eat. Maybe that’s not the 100% best way to treat an addict if you want to get them sober, but it gave me time to get my own head together and get clean. Aside from obviously giving birth to me, I truly wouldn’t be where I am right now (about to graduate college holy cow) without her.

17. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving seems more like a real holiday to me. Halloween has never involved family or a feast in my house.

18. Favorite Thanksgiving food(s)? It has to be the turkey. It took my mother damn near most of my life so far to figure out how to properly cook it but now that she’s mastered it, it’s amazing every year.

19. Have you ever participated in Friendsgiving? I agree with Hilary that this term offends my good taste. I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner with friends, yes.

20. Have you already taken fall photos? I assume this is something parents do with their kids. I don’t have kids but I imagine I will take a picture of something in the fall. 😂

Nominating people will be easy because there are only a handful of people I talk to on WordPress, one has already done this, and several probably won’t even read this post. So…

Ashley @ Mental Health at Home
Jeremy @ Everything Sucks
Both EnglishRosiee and Zlotybaby @ Rinse Before Use
Jen @ Jen Writes
Liz @ Anxiety & Liz

10 thoughts on “20 Fall Questions

  1. Fun! I’ll answer a few right here.
    1) Fave fall drink: I’m with Hilary on hot apple cider. But if I’m getting it from Starbucks, I have to remember to ask for no whip, because dairy and apple cider don’t belong in a cup together.
    2) Love about fall: Leaves. The tree outside my window is a lovely red-gold.
    3) Don’t like about fall: The month of November is pretty much non-stop rain here. Blech.
    4) Pumpkin spice: I use cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice in pumpkin pie, and that’s where I like my pumpkin spices to remain.
    10) Pumpkin vs. apple pie: Pumpkin all the way, baby!
    11) Halloween movie: Rocky Horror. One Halloween I watched it in a theatre with a bunch of hard-core people who brought props.
    13) Fall food: Soups and stews.
    14/15) Halloween: I never do anything for Halloween, and I never did like dressing up.
    18) Favourite Thanksgiving food: I’m with Hilary on this one as well, stuffing. I think Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October is so much more civilized than having it at the end of dreary November.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m fine, I just don’t want to post things unless I really want to post them, lol. That was just a fit of rage and despair. I’m still going through withdrawals, having nightmares every night, and feeling like my brain is pouring out of my ears, but mood-wise I’m good. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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